Three times a year, I get the pleasure of meeting and working with some great new talent. They come in to the studio with their eyes wide open and yearning for knowledge and experience. I must admit, I learn a lot from them too and they truly become a part of my team, even if it’s only for 4 months. Over the next week, I’ll introduce you to the talented interns at Kevin Michael Reed Studio, Inc for Summer 2013.

Galen R. Kane
My name is Galen Kane. I was raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I’ve recently been accepted into Yale’s MFA acting program. Being an actor, I love the idea of creating scenes and setting moods. I use photography as a way to create a visual storyline. Fashion photography allows me the freedom to experiment the cinematic feel of actors on the silver screen, in a single frame. I tribute my imagination to photography and the cinema. The beautiful thing about life is that it doesn’t take much of it to inspire me. Most of life is captured and demonstrated beautifully on screen and when shooting, my eyes are the camera, director, and writer. I shoot what I shoot because it allows me to produce the perfect story.

Working with Kevin, I’m looking forward to learning the visual awareness and mental perspective it takes to approach the world of fashion photography.

(Photo by Bradley Ennis)