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"His work with movement and instinct has been really helpful"


Kevin Michael Reed knows exactly when to leave the actor to explore and when to throw ideas of his own into the mix. His work with movement and instinct has been really helpful for me because with such a text heavy piece it could quite easily have become a very intellectual process.

"He is a visionary."


Kevin Michael Reed is not only a Director. He is a visionary. Kevin knows how he wants things to look/ sound/ feel before pen has been put to paper. He never settles when it comes to quality and takes an immense amount of pride in his work. He lives and breathes it.

Kevin was the Director and Development Dramaturge of my full length play ‘Shadows’ which had a successful sold out run and achieved outstanding reviews.

Most of all Kevin is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. I have learnt a huge amount about the theatre industry through working and discussing my work, and the work of others with him. Kevin is always open and willing to share and understand new concepts and ideas. He is particularly intrigued by work that combines both the day to day struggle and commentary on the way in which society operates.

"Kevin is a theatrical powerhouse."

CHRIS HISLOP, Freelance Publicist / Producer

Kevin is a theatrical powerhouse – writer, director, producer and all-round great guy to work with. Freelancing for him in 2017 on three projects was very rewarding: all three were very creatively inspiring, and he has a knack for surrounding himself with the kind of people who make working in this field so worthwhile.

From a personal perspective, he places the work before himself, always giving you his time and energy, and always finding more in the seemingly bottomless well he draws from. Having him on your team, or being on his, is a fantastic experience.

"Kevin worked with the cast in a very open, straightforward way."

KATE WEBSTER, Playwright

Kevin demonstrated a rapid connection to and thorough understanding of the text. ‘Shed’ is a very British play, set in a small Yorkshire town and using a very Northern voice, but this presented no issues at all in Kevin’s direction or the work with the actors. Kevin worked with the cast in a very open, straightforward way that allowed them freedom to explore the characters for themselves; the play deals with dementia and the decline of one character’s mental capacity, yet Kevin also found the humour in the script.

At no point did Kevin compromised or suggest changing the script. These constraints didn’t prevent Kevin from creating a very poignant presentation of the script that also brought out the characters’ relationships and ability to have fun together.

"Kevin was a great mentor, and an enjoyable boss"

JOSEPH MIRISOLA, Photographer / Videographer

Kevin was a great mentor, and an enjoyable boss. We spent a great deal of time together planning and producing a lot of successful work together.

His vision of what he wanted was always clear, and made work a lot easier. He treated me like an equal, and that made me work harder for him.

"Considered and Effective."


His direction has always been considered and effective; he is a joy to work with in the rehearsal room. I hope to be directed by and generally collaborate with him in the future.

"His exceptional ability of perceiving the text."

KASHYAP RAJA, Playwright

Kevin’s biggest strength as director lies in his exceptional ability of perceiving the text.

Kevin broke down the script into simpler layers that assisted the actors in understanding the “play within the play” structure. He gave the actors complete freedom to explore and give their own interpretation to the characters. He respected the script and made sure that the actors remained true to the text.

"He asks questions that focus me on the right things."


As an emerging playwright, there are a few qualities I hope to find in a director. Chief among these are trust, dramaturgical guidance, the ability to motivate, and the passion/will to make things happen. In all of these categories, Kevin excels. During rehearsals, his input was tactful and focused on tone. As much of my work mixes genres and toes the line between drama and comedy, this kind of dramaturgical guidance proved invaluable. As a director developing a new play, he asks questions that focus me on the right things. This is no surprise as he is an accomplished dramatist himself. He also listens better than most directors I’ve worked with.

I have learned from previous collaborations that it’s more common to encounter those who are well meaning and aspirational. With Kevin, I know that a conversation will be followed by action and follow-thru.