Stage Plays

The Rubicon (Or Nothing Left To Say)
Full Length Stage Play
Estranged brothers return to their family home on Christmas Eve, exactly a year after the fire that destroyed their family home where they grew up.

The Jungle Room
Work In Progress, Full Length Stage Play
Currently seeking staged readings, Excerpt of First Act (12 pages)

Work In Progress, Full Length Stage Play

The Girl In The Yellow Dress (or …)
Work In Progress, Full Length Stage Play


A Different Life
A poor, Russian born girl on the verge of graduating high school sets her sights on leaving her small Siberian town for the big city, but getting out isn’t easy as the Soviet Union begins to fall. Her family, her Country, love and her own self get in the way of reaching her dreams. (98 pages)

Her Hollywood
Based on the short story by Michael Hyde
A withdrawn teenage girl in rural Pennsylvania becomes obsessed with the rape and murder of a popular girl. In an attempt to find acceptance from her absent mother, she becomes determined to find the killer and assumes the dead girl’s mannerisms, or what she thinks they may have been, even at the peril of her own sanity. (117 pages)

A woman wants nothing more than to spend the day with her young daughter on the anniversary of her husband’s death the same accident that left her with PTSD. (7 pages)