After the response from last week’s Summer Virtual Blog Tour post, I decided that I will feature artists as often as I can on this blog. Unlike last week’s post, the artists I feature may or may not have agreed to continue the virtual chain letter, but that doesn’t matter, I want to feature some outstanding talent whose work I admire and share those artists with you.

Teresa Kruszewski, Photographic Artist

I met Teresa a couple years ago when we both began serving on the Board of Directors of the New York Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers. As time went on and I got to know her and her work, I noticed that she really sees the world differently than I do. That’s not a bad thing, I prefer to create my own worlds, but Teresa creates art from things she sees looking through her viewfinder while out and about in New York City. That takes an keen eye, a huge sense of wonder and from my point of view a great talent. From the intricate almost microscopic details of a pile of snow flakes after a snow storm to the vast dilapidated manmade landscapes of Fort Tilden in the Rockaways, Teresa finds beauty where others may not even think to look.

Her commercial work concentrates on very cool interiors, but I think I’m most fascinated by the work she has done after Hurricane Sandy. Drawn to photograph and document the destruction, Teresa has managed to capture a beauty in the recovery of The Rockaways, a section of Brooklyn on the Atlantic Ocean, and the forgotten areas that may never see reconstruction.

I encourage you to check out Teresa’s work at

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