“The Amazing Lemonade Girl” – August 2023

Director of City Stage Company’s production of ”The Amazing Lemonade Girl”. Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT, August 2023.

ClientCity Stage CompanyServicesDirectorYearAugust 2023

‘The Amazing Lemonade Girl’ by James DeVita
City Stage Company / City Youth Theatre, Waterbury, CT

A Connecticut Premiere

Mikayla Labbe, as Alexandra Scott

Ensemble: Alexander Allen Summa, Delilah Lombardo, Todd Labbe Sr, Tianna Campbell-Williams, Nick Bates.

Directed by Kevin Michael Reed

Production Photos by Chad Lyons

Meet Alex Scott. She has a story to tell – about her life and her legacy, her humor and her heart. The story of a young girl fiercely determined to make a difference despite the challenges she faces. Alex’s true story reminds us all that a single person can change the world – one act, or even one cup, at a time.

Production Photos

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