“Les Misérables” – March 2024

Lighting Designer for Conard’s production of ”Les Misérables”. Conard Musicals, West Hartford, CT. March 2024.

ClientConard MusicalsServicesLighting DesignYearMarch 2024

‘Les Misérables’
Conard Musicals, West Hartford, CT

Hunter Parker, Director & Co-Producer
Marisa Barry, Co-Producer
Sam Eurich, Music Director
Mike Wyatt, Pit Orchestra Director
Rob Vietzke, Technical Director
Jared Boulet, Assistant Technical Director
Rae Sutherland, Choreographer
Vivianna Lamb, Costume Designer
Alyse Lamb, Costuming Assistant
Rorie Fitzsimons, Scenic Designer
Heather Pelkey, Scenic Painter
Marybeth Lavelle, Props Designer
Kevin Michael Reed, Lighting Designer

Production Photos by Mike McMath

I have wanted to light Les Miserables probably for 20 years, but have never had the opportunity to do so until now. I was cursed a bit because I had seen various professional and regional productions of Les Miserables 26 times since it was first adapted to musical form in 1980. As a designer, I always try to avoid looking at previous productions, other designers’ ideas of what the world looks like and instead rely on the Director’s vision and what the text, story and history tell me this world looks like.

I was blessed to work under the direction of Hunter Parker who had moments that were very important to her, but otherwise let me see the light as I envisioned it and bring the piece visually to life.

Color and light are additional characters in the telling of a story on the stage, sometimes foreshadowing, other times creating mood or getting into the heads of the characters, but most importantly light is another character that helps tell the story.

Production Photos

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