Gerrard Martin Dance “B” – Feb 2020

Lighting Design for Gerrard Martin Dance Company’s production of ‘B’ at Leicester Curve, part of the DMU Pride Festival.

ClientGerrard Martin Dance CompanyServicesLighting DesignerYearFeb

Gerrard Martin Dance Company
DMU Pride
Leicester Curve, Studio

Gerrard Martin, choreographer/dancer
Brandon Lee Sears, dancer
Joanne Bernard, dramaturge
Mike Scott-Harding, composer
Ryan Dawson Laight, set designer
Ben Moriah, costume designer
Kevin Michael Reed, lighting designer

Stimulated by events in the lives of black, gay interviewees, this emotive and visceral dance duet by De Montfort University alumni Gerrard Martin explores ideas around masculinity, intimacy, religion and identity.

Using original club-influenced music, intimate dance repertoire, an ingenious set, and audio-clips of real-life testimonials, ‘B’ brings to the fore an awareness of the conflicted, emotive, repressed, glorious and intimate nature of growing up black and gay.

“Gerrard Martin performance “B” has to be the most profound , provocative and yet poignant exploration around queer black identity to date in the UK. Currently in R&D, it ambitiously explores themes of the self , otherness , idealism, faith, love and their intersectionality. It’s not often you get to be part of history in the making but this is exactly what we are witnessing here. I anticipate eagerly it’s full realisation” Mark Lawrence Banfield, Community Engagement Officer at the Terrence Higgins Trust, and CEO of Regenovate CIC

Time-lapse of Production

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