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Late last year, we began working with a new client, Alisa Brides. Though we have photographed many catalogs, look books, and international advertising campaigns for evening-wear and special occasions designers, this was only our second shoot for an apparel company in the realm of the bridal world. Not only that, but Alisa Brides designs and manufactures bridal veils.

Every different segment of the fashion industry is looking for something totally different in the photography they need to sell garments to their clients. I love working with new clients because there is a new challenge to understand the needs of that client and their segment of the industry. That’s what makes this job fun every single day. Shooting look books can be boring, if you let it be, but by looking at every single job as a learning opportunity and a chance to be creative, there is never a boring day in your photographic life.

Click Here to see More Images from this shoot.