A. Ione Williams is a fine art and documentary photographer based in the New York City using her imagery both as a way of connecting with inner self and communicating with others around her. The majority of her work is created in black & white using traditional 35mm and Medium Format film capture techniques and both digital and alternative processes in the darkroom. Her work is a way of journaling, but also a reflection of her own feelings that she is trying to make sense of at the moment.

Her work Pothos is an exploration of “desire’s consequence and a process of discovering what it means to lose a romantic love.” A hand casts an oversized shadow while reaching out for another more comfortable, more secure, hand. Two bodies lay facing each other – yet apart – on a pure white mattress – no face readily visible, shadows cast – with a visually castrated pile of hair separated from the two. The project’s title itself speaks to the work, Pothos is greek for longing, yearning, or desire for someone absent. The work is conceptual imagery that represents the psychological feelings that the artist once felt. Creating tangible photographs from intangible love, or loss.

Writing is an integral part of Williams’ process, as most of her projects begin with daily journaling. She writes feelings, thoughts, and memories when they are still fresh. By the time the project becomes photographic those thoughts in the journal are not her anymore. ”This is the person I used to be,” the artist describes the writing, and the photographs. It is as if the writing was a self portrait, but the photographs are not. In a way, the imagery completes her mourning process by giving them – the feelings once permeating her heart –  a visual tombstone.

Her work can be seen at arielionewilliams.com